MAQYUIE Solutions Pvt Ltd (MSPL) designs robust ERP and CRM solutions for real estate and construction industry that takes care of the unique needs of companies from this vertical. These solutions include comprehensive modules that can simplify the complex processes involved and manage them with ease, promoting better visibility and control. Further, real estate managers and owners can use these highly competent solutions to manage and maintain inventory tracking of all kind of property units and thus have a complete overview of the entire property status. The solutions capture various attributes of properties such as area, type of asset, rent or lease rate amount, corner unit, better view, and more, helping users to retrieve every piece of information related to any property unit, chosen for sale or leasing.

Realstate & Constructions


Real estate and construction is one of the thriving industries in the country. It faces huge challenges due to its substantial expenditure and volatile market conditions, so companies from the real estate industry requires to have complete oversight of business for timely decisions and total control. This includes planning of projects, project budgeting, dynamic pricing, regulatory compliances, costing, unorganized cash flow, and collaboration with service providers. Organizations need to replace manual support with a powerful ERP system to integrate and automate these diverse operations and to reinforce competencies across the enterprise and boost profitability.


An ideal real estate ERP software provide a 360 view of the business, helping business owners and managers to monitor and have better control over their assets. It enables users to gain a comprehensive real time-insight on different aspects including vacancies for property rent and lease, rent components, sale agreements, quotations, lease contracts, and maintenance costs. With smart reports, users are in a better position to attract and retain tenants and buyers, improve overall operational performance, and make timely investments to generate more revenue for a profitable business growth.