MAQYUIE Solutions Pvt Ltd (MSPL) designs high potential ERP software for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions which can efficiently make data management easy. These CRM and ERP software for education institutes facilitate management and administration team to manage various processes including student enrolment, fees management, library management, study material management, lesson planning, grades and examinations, attendance, and much more functioning within the establishment. These superior management systems help reduce wastage of resources by avoiding the possible misuses. For record-keeping and other administrative processes, educational institutes can rely on this automated system for providing better results at a quicker pace. They also permit users to instantly obtain records related courses, registrations, attendance, and more to gain better insight into day-to-day operations in real-time.

Education industries


The education industry is one of the busiest sectors dealing with numerous activities every day including the admission process, lesson plans, exams, certification, and more. All these activities are related to handling of massive data and information of students who are currently studying or pass outs along with the staff details are important records that a school or college management cannot afford to misplace. Manual processes require more time and resource to capture these details and at the same time, it is prone to human errors and data duplication. Further, if the institute has multiple branches, it is nearly impossible to manually integrate all the data. Hence, institutes need an education management software that can securely store and maintain all these pieces of information.


Using ERP solutions, administrators can record all data on a single platform and access them from anywhere through a secured user-defined access. They also serve as a backup system that updates and preserve the data from time to time. All these make educational establishments to gain greater trust by parents as well as students.