MAQYUIE Solutions Pvt Ltd (MSPL) Industry Software from Siemens helps manufacturers become Digital Enterprises by enabling them to digitalize and integrate their entire industrial value chain through PLM solutions, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions, and TIA equipment – all supported by Teamcenter, the industry-leading Siemens Collaboration Platform and single data backbone. The integration of PLM, MOM and Automation is made possible with the comprehensive suite of Siemens Industry Software.These intuitive ERP software applications are built smartly to suit and support a gamut of manufacturing processes propagated industry-wide. They are scalable and flexible enough to be used by manufacturing businesses of all sizes and production types.

Manufacturing industries


The essential concern of any manufacturing establishment is to continuously assemble products manufactured or used in the process, at several or a single plant. Being flexible in nature, this requires high control of inventory, thus it becomes important to keep an eye on timely supplies and the cost involved in the transportation of it. Manufacturing business needs an efficient and integrated ERP solution that can be relied upon to help users in taking strategic decision making and reduce production cost.


With the help of these set of advanced features, manufacturing ERP solutions are able to meet all the demands and expectations of customers, help establishments in staying abreast with the upgraded industrial environment, effectively plan and stock inventory, remain consistent in producing optimum quality products, and addresses other challenges faced by companies in the manufacturing industry.