MAQYUIE Solutions Pvt Ltd (MSPL) for retail industry help businesses streamline their warehouse inventory stock and product prices across all the stores, gain optimum visibility and insights into sales and purchase, supply chain, vendors, and other processes. They are capable to integrate core as well as back-office functions including accounting and HR to offer a superior employee and fund management, thus helping businesses scale up efficiently and boost productivity.
With the ability to integrate and synchronize huge volume of data from multiple outlets, Focus Softnet’s ERP solutions enable owners to use a single platform to monitor multiple functions, for different branches.

Retail industries


Retail businesses have to deal with constantly moving stock, multiple product pricing, discount or loyalty program rules applied to numerous products, employees, and more. This becomes even tougher for businesses managing multiple retail stores. In order to stay ahead, retail establishments need to improve and streamline their business processes by replacing manual methods with an effective and powerful ERP system.


An ideal retail ERP software can efficiently track customer buying preference, accommodating retailers to build various dynamic customer loyalty programs that can improve customer experience and encourage them to visit the store again. By enabling businesses to build a better customer engagement, these solutions give them the right tools to raise the customer transaction to a great extent, thereby speeding up sales.