Window Application Development Company India

Windows have become a major hit among the Smartphone users, since it offers an intuitive user interface. Every mobile app developer gets enormous opportunities to build mobile app for any Windows device, like: PCs, phones, Xbox One, HoloLens, and many more to be published to the store. Have you ever thought about increasing the visibility of your business by investing in a windows application development? Windows application can give you a whole lot of visibility as many people who use devices such as desktops, laptops and windows phones will be able to download and access your app. Such an app will not only increase your sales, but also provide you a platform to be in touch with your customers at all times. This way, you will be able to increase the brand loyalty of your customers and build strong relationships with them.
From quite some time now MAQYUIE SOLUTION has been developing windows applications for many of its clients successfully. We have professionals who have all the expertise and experience needed to develop windows applications for different kinds of businesses. We use the latest tools and technologies in order to include as many features as possible in the applications that we develop. Through our extensive research we go through various apps of your competitors and see how we can do better than them so that we can give you that competitive edge you have always been dreaming about.

Our Services

We, at MAQYUIE, clearly understand that catering to your requirements in the best way possible is the key to satisfy you and customer satisfaction very much means success to us. We try our best to provide a variety of services that will satisfy the requirements of different clients. Some of these include:
    Development of windows mobile applications that are GPS based
    Development of Vehicle tracking services as well as their integration
    Developing apps for social networking
    Developing apps that help users to send Bulk SMS via SMS gateway
    Development of apps that are used to search locations
    Developing apps with google map feature incorporated
    Developing smart contact management systems for Win CE(5.0/6.0)
    Developing apps that are related to Music
    Developing game apps
    Integration of GSM and GPS Networking systems