MAQYUIE Solutions Pvt Ltd (MSPL) It is of paramount importance for hospitals and healthcare facilities to improve data flow and enhance communications across the various departments to help offer timely and appropriate care to patients. MAQYUIE ERP for Healthcare industry is the perfect solution to address these concerns to make lives a lot easier for both caregivers and patients.
One of the integral aspects of our ERP for healthcare industry. It helps to track operational efficiency for a hospital by offering key metrics related to costing and critical patient and treatment analytics. Above all, business intelligence facilitates caregivers to provide the right care to the right patient at right time

Healthcare industries


The average person often doesn’t think about healthcare software. They often don’t think about how it affects the medical industry as a whole either. Many might think, “My clinic is doing just fine, what do I care?” but the impact of health information technology has revolutionized patient care on a global scale. Every year, more and more healthcare providers are taking steps to change the way their business manages their internal processes. The implementation of medical software and other specialized healthcare information systems in hospitals and other healthcare organizations has had monumental effects.


Our ERP for pharma industry by integrating all critical business processes like HR/payroll, inventory, billing, finance, supplies, etc. reduces operational cost substantially .We develop our HIE software solutions to meet healthcare technology communication standards which includes DICOM, NwHIN and integration with IHE and HL7 standards for CDA, CCD and QRDA.